Winter on the Bay

Photos in my world while walking Annie on a cold winter's day on the bay:

DSCN2364 DSCN2370DSCN2371 copyDSCN2373DSCN2374DSCN2376DSCN2377DSCN2383DSCN2385

It's really cold walking along the bay, the water temperature keeps the air temperature really cold and the least bit of wind just goes right through you.  However, there is something so soothing and peaceful, watching the Bay and its habitat resting, gearing up for another summer's bounty.  In the summer, the thick muggy air settles over the area and it's too hot to walk whenever you want (like you can in the winter), you are restricted to either early morning or late evenings.

As far as photo editing, I did adjust the contrast in a couple, but other than that, straight out of the camera and onto the page of this blog. 

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