Your Life = Worth Documenting

I had a whole blog post written and posted to Typepad about this very subject of documenting your life on Friday, and alas, it was and is forever lost.  So, here goes my second attempt:

I have three of these album for 2012 alone filled, for Project Life, which is basically a two-page spread of your life on a weekly basis. I documented and journaled about my life every single week in 2012.  I am a little behind in getting the photos and journaling into the books from September through December, though.  I document my life for me and me alone.  Maybe it's not for everyone, but it's important to me, whether anyone else sees it or not.


(a sample of two different two-page spreads from my Project Life Album).

If you have kids that are grown, wouldn't they want to see where you are in your life now?  Especially if you don't live closes to your kids or grandkids, what a great leagacy to leave them!  

You were here.

You existed.

You have amazing stories to tell. 

Share your journey.


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