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I finally broke down last night and watched the movie Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog as there was nothing else on television.  Someone had given me the book for Christmas years ago, and it has sat on my shelf unread.  Not because it wasn't a good book or excellently written or because it had a lot of good and positive messages about life and love — but because it hit too close to home with me and my Zachary, whom has also been termed the "world's worst dog" by those who know and love him best.  And watching the movie Marley & Me last night it was just like watching a movie about Zachary, also a labrador retriever, who is pretty stubborn and untrainable, but I can't imagine life without him.  By the end of the movie I was sobbing because it was sad, and a preview of coming attractions for Zachary, which I can't bear to think about, and hence why I didn't read the book.

I am taking Ali Edwards' class Yesterday & Today online at Big Pictures Scrapbooking, and we are telling our stories about the past and present.  A huge part of my past has been my relationships with my pets, and I definitely want to tell their stories.


Jake, the sweetest and most gentle dog that ever lived.


"Killer," the family cat who was with us from 1975 to 1993.


And Miss Daisy, the smartest dog I have ever seen.  There wasn't an enclosure she couldn't escape from (unless it was with a padlock).  


This was our first (and only) family dog, a German Shepherd named Lady.  I didn't like this dog, but only because I was 5 at the time and we lived in an apartment and I had to walk her and she pulled me SO hard.  She ran away and we never saw her again.  She's a beautiful dog, and I have done a scrapbook page about her.  I hope wherever she ended up that she had a good life.

Have a good weekend, and stay warm and dry.

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